Make your Ecommerce Website More Accessible and Affordable with Layby

Layby is a convenient payment system that lets your customer pay a small deposit to secure an item for later purchase. If you want to create your own eCommerce website, this feature is something that you must incorporate to take your customer’s shopping experience to a whole new level. This is a flexible payment option that makes your online store much more accessible and affordable for shoppers. Vision Ads help you win your customer’s loyalty by integrating this smart automated layby payment method in your customised eCommerce web design.

How Does Layby Work?

Our Layby module is very flexible, which means your customer is not required to pay a fixed amount on fixed dates as it is with other layby payment options. We offer them the flexibility to pay the total amount within the agreed period set by you. They can pay that amount either in variable installments or all at once.

  • Your customer selects "Layby" as their preferred payment option at the checkout.
  • Customer confirms his/her layby order by paying initial deposit and agreed to terms & condition.
  • You check the order & approve the payment.
  • Customer can pay anytime & any amount within agreed period.
  • Each time your customer pays; you receive a notification.
  • After your approval; customer gets a notification.
  • Once you have received your complete payment, only then you can ship the item to the customer.

Features of our Intuitive Layby Software

Easy-to-use Layby Dashboard for customers

  • Customers’ own password & username
  • View order history
  • Pay anytime
  • Pay any amount

Easy to use Layby Admin Panel

  • Approve/decline Layby Order
  • Approve/decline Payment
  • Automated Invoice
  • Check balance and payment history of an order
  • Search an order
  • Archive orders

VisionAds Layby Powered Ecommerce Website

At VisionAds, we believe that shopping online should be a fun experience for everyone. Let your customers make the purchase they have always dreamed of with layby and increase your sales and ROI. By integrating an efficient and flexible online layby payment method in your customised eCommerce web design, you can make your online shoppers more content and happy. This will reap huge benefits for your eCommerce business in the long term. Our layby module further makes your overall eCommerce experience even more easy, convenient and exciting.

Increase Your Sales!!

Win your customer’s loyalty by integrating this smart automated layby payment method in your customised eCommerce web design.
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