According to Statista, more than 82% of Australian population now own a mobile device.

With this fact in hand probably you can’t ignore mobile advertising as ads dominate the screen when a user searches for a service or product in Google on their smartphones. Just try ‘Plumber Blacktown’ in your smartphone.

Mobile Advertising

Reach local customers when they are actively searching for your services or products on their mobile phone.
Advertising in mobile is more cost-effective than other advertising methods (e.g. local newspapers, directories, Yellow pages) as you only pay when customers click or tap on your ad to call or visit your website.

Advertise in Mobiles Through Google AdWords

Google Pay Per Click Advertising is a great tool to help local businesses to get targeted traffic to their website or calls on their mobile in a short time. You pay only when a customer taps on your ad ‘to call’ or ‘visit your website’.Benefits of Google AdWords:

  • Keyword targeted – Your ads are keyword targeted; related to your service or product.
  • Geo targeted – You can target local areas where you serve.
  • Targeted customers – Your ads will be shown only to those who are ready to buy your service or product.
  • Budget control – You can change your daily budget anytime and as many times you need.
  • Campaign control – You can start, pause or stop your campaign anytime.
  • Time schedule – If you don’t want to get calls on Sundays (or any other days or times), not a problem!
  • And more

Mobile only Click to Call

Mobile Click to Call

Mobile Click to Call

A little known special feature in Google AdWords will allow your customers to call you directly from their mobile

phones without visiting your website.This is a great opportunity for tradies and professionals who run their businesses from home and rely greatly on their mobile phones for the business.

Google gives a lot of opportunities to local businesses to promote their business online and on mobile devices. The easy sign up process makes small & local businesses to start their campaigns and losing money. Google AdWords is a complicated process which needs continuous tuning & optimising.

Struggling with your campaigns or want to advertise your local business on mobiles?

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