The marketing landscape has changed drastically in the recent years.

With the increasing competition, it’s only the small- and medium-sized businesses that suffer to gain exposure and constant attention of people on their website. Google Ads is an effective paid advertising method for those businesses who can’t afford to wait to see their website delivering results on its own. Certainly, this is the most desirable decision if you want to use the full potential of having an online presence.

Why Should you Invest in Google Ads?

1) Google Ads is faster than SEO

The power of SEO can’t be underestimated. However, its biggest drawback is that it can take several months if not years before you notice any profitable results. Google Ads, on the other hand, bring you immediate results. If your keywords are effective and ad copy is compelling, you can expect return right away.

2) Google Ads Help Beat the Competition

Because of the speed of Google Ads, you get a bigger marketing advantage over your competitors. In fact, many companies today are using this advertising method and hence, missing out this opportunity means missing out the competition. Since Ads are being used by more and more marketers today, the only way to beat them is to join them.

3) Google Ads let you follow your Customers

For an eCommerce website owner, nothing could be worse than a customer abandoning the cart. Google Ads Remarketing let you show targeted ads to those users who have shown an interest in your business. It lets you track the users who’ve visited your website in the past but haven’t completed a purchase.

4) Google Ads let you Control your Advertising Costs

With Google Ads, you can really stay flexible with your budget. You can change the budget of your campaign anytime and also set a maximum budget per day for your campaign. If you want to have a lot of leads in a short time, you can increase your budget or downsize it during off-peak hours. In fact, you can also run multiple campaigns at a time.

5) Google Ads lets you target a location or locations

You can define your your targeted location/s where you like to get sales or services. This is very useful for local businesses as they provide services locally.

6) Promote your special promotion or offer

Promote your special product or service launch offering a discount offer through Google ads. Offer promotions on special ocassions like mother’s day, fathers day, easters or just create a special sale for a week at 25% discount. Possibilities are limitless.

7) Get calls directly from your ads

Google Ads shows your contact number with ads; which allows your customers to call directly from the ad without visiting your website.

8) Target your audience

Google ads lets you to target your audience by theirs interest, age, gender, and income. This allows you to promote your business to the precise prospective customers.

9) User Intent

One of the advantages of Google Ads over social media marketing platforms is the intent of users. As it is a part of inbound marketing, users who are in need of a product or service click the ads and visit the website thus the conversion rate should be much higher than the social media marketing visitors.

10) Google Ads is good for SEO

Google ads lets you quickly test your landing page for your targeted keywords theme for conversions. You can optimise your landing page for better conversions in long term.

Asif Dewan, Google Ads consultant

Asif Dewan

I am a Certified Google Ads professional helping small, medium & local businesses to increase their sales, leads & branding with Google Ads campaigns since 2014.

If you are new or trying Google Ads without much success, please contact me for a free consultation.