Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Google Partner? Are you a Google Partner?

Google Partner is a program by Google. By becoming a Google Partner, Google recognises agency’s competency to manage Google Ads. To know more visit “Google Partner Qualification”

Yes ! VisionAds Marketing is a Google Partner & has been awarded with New Google Partner Badge.

Why use Google Ads?

The advantage of Google Ads (formarly, Google AdWords) over organic marketing is, the number of visitors it brings in a short span of time. If a business need to quickly advertise their products/services, Google Ads can be the best marketing platform to increase conversion. It helps you target the right customers at the right time.

How much Google Ads cost?

Your Google Ads cost include:

  • Google Ads management fee payable monthly to me.
  • Google Ads Spend payable to Google depending on your budget.
How much do you charge?

I work on a flat monthly fee basis. Monthly management fee will depend on how much time I need to devote each day/week to managing your account and that depends on factors such as:

  • The size of your account – number of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads you need.
  • Whether it a new an account or working on existing campaigns.


How much should I spend on Google advertising?

Google Ads can work for almost any advertising budget. There is no minimum spending requirement – the amount you want to spend on advertising is up to you. But, you should consider your marketing objecives – sales, leads, awareness or branding while setting up a daily budget.

Do I need to sign a contract with you?

No, there is no contract to sign. I operate on a no-contract basis. This means you will not be locked into a contract long-term. However, it takes 2/3 months for any campaigns to optimise properly.

I do encourage you to try Google Ads with me managing the account for at least two or three months to see the benefits.

Do I have access to my Google Ads?

Sure! Your Google Ads account will be set up using your Google account. You are the actual owner, so you have the full access. This means you can log in and see all campaigns, ads, including all reports, costs, and statistics for your campaigns (please do not change anything).

Do you offer a guarantee?

Only guarantee I offer is – SATISFACTION! If you are not satisfied with my work, I will quit.


Do you manage Facebook Ads?

Currently, as a Google Ads expert, I am focussed to offering specialised, high-quality Google Ads service. But, for demand from my clients’, I may consider offering Facebook ads management in future.

Do you do SEO?

I do not offer SEO service, but I have adequate knowledge of SEO which I use to optimise landing pages for better conversion.

How do you stop fraud clicks them?

Google uses algorithms to find such fraud/invalid clicks and automatically filter them from the reports. And if they still escape and Google finds them later, they will give you credit for the expense.

Additionaly, I use a software which idendifies IP adresses of multiple clicks. Then I block them from seeing ads on Google.

I have a question

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